IndieGoGo Campaign Launches for #SufferTheFilm

23 Aug 2014 | Categories: news, Production Notes, Uncategorized | Posted by: Kevin Youkhana

A 30 day crowdfunding campaign officially launched this week for a filmed adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Suffer The Little Children” via the world’s largest open-funding platform IndieGoGo.

Branded as #SufferTheFilm for social media purposes, the adaptation will be made as a short film, approximately 20 minutes, and will be made in the spirit of movies like The Shining, The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby.

A conceptual teaser for the film is available to view on the project’s IndieGoGo campaign page or by visiting the official website at


Carmelo Giardina and Filip Terlecki on the set of their Indiegogo video shoot

The film is a collaboration between Carmelo Giardina and Filip Terlecki – two friends who met while in high school and grew up making films together. Filip will adapt and direct the picture with Carmelo serving as Producer.

“Filip and I are especially fond of movies from the 1970s – a time when films had a strong voice and vision”, says Giardina. “Our intention with ‘Suffer’ is to make a film that reflects those artistic values. We want to use this project to showcase our filmmaking abilities as well as the talents of our many collaborators and we believe that Stephen King’s story provides a great platform to do this.”

Giardina assures that fans of Stephen King’s work will be interested in discovering how this updated adaptation will differ from the original story.

“We’ve added an exciting twist to the plot that we felt was necessary to help bring the story into the 21st century, and we can’t wait to show you!”

A sampling of the perks and rewards available for contributors on IndieGoGo includes: being named in the credits of the film as either an Associate or Executive Producer; being an Extra on the set; having your name mentioned in a special thank you credit; and calling “Action” on the set!

A copy of the film will be given to backers, and a special program book and all kinds of neat memorabilia will be available.

“There are many creative people involved as well as elements such as costumes, makeup, special f/x, locations, equipment and food for the crew,” adds Giardina. “Your money will help bring these creative and logistical elements together.” For full details, including video, pictures and a full list of all the perks contributors will receive, visit the campaign at










About “Suffer The Little Children”

Originally published in a 1972 issue of Cavalier Magazine and later re-published in Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes book of short stories in 1993, “Suffer the Little Children” is a psychological thriller about a school teacher, Miss Sidley, who is convinced that students at her school are turning into demons. Is her attempt to save them an amazing act of courage, or a fatal trick of the mind?

About Filip Terlecki and Carmelo Giardina

Filip Terlecki is the founder and principal creator at The Creators Bureau (, where he creates films and videos for brands such as Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi, WINNERS, and HomeSense.  His short film “The Master” made its World Premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Carmelo Giardina has previously produced commercials and branded videos, and is the former Managing Editor and Co-founder of Cinematic Group X Magazine. He now runs his own production company, Carmelo Giardina Productions ( He served as Production Manager on “The Master” and in the past has produced short films in collaboration with Filip.