A Viable Competitor Within the Film Industry

The actual cost of producing films in terms of technology is decreasing. The advent of digital video and rise of laptop post-production software has enabled the independent producer to create productions for a fraction of what the cost used to be.

Currently, the industry is experiencing a renaissance with modern forms of film distribution — Online streaming services, VOD/SVOD — rivaling a theatrical format struggling to keep up to date. Despite digital expansion into even the smallest of markets, producers still fight an uphill, and costly, battle in order to be granted an opportunity to have their films visible on a traditional theatrical screen.

There are many production companies in North America that produce, on a regular basis, projects similar to what our company does. U.S. companies in particular possess an aggressive entrepreneurial energy that does not necessarily exist in Canada. CGP’s mandate is to produce thought provoking visual entertainment without the distinction of being obviously Canadian, American, or from any other region. CGP is universal.

With a good strategy and positive vision, Carmelo Giardina Productions looks forward to being a viable competitor within the North American film market.


Carmelo Giardina

“Making your ideas come to life is probably the greatest thrill in the world.” – Carmelo Giardina, Producer


>> We’re a production house creating works of substance that appeal to the mass audience. We exist to provide production services – operating within the industry as a viable competitor in the fields of Motion Picture Production, Music Video and Television Production, and Internet & Social Media Branded Video services.


>> We are a production house that provides expert service in our industry and creates works that are a premium form of entertainment. We’re known for our commitment to viewer and client satisfaction, innovation, quality of work environments, and overall performance.


>> To produce thought provoking visual entertainment and to provide services in order to help our clients achieve this same fundamental.