Script Reading: An Important Step in the Process

10 Feb 2014 | Categories: news, Production Notes | Posted by: Kevin Youkhana

On Sunday, February 9, the first script reading for the “Suffer the Little Children” adaptation was held with actors Eric Johnston, Peter Pasyk and Shannon Taylor as participants.

sr2The objective of the reading was to hear the entire script read out loud and to discuss it as a creative team with Director and Writer Filip Terlecki and Producer Carmelo Giardina.

“Working on a script isn’t just about the writer(s) doing draft after draft until it’s right,” said Producer Carmelo Giardina. “It’s a collaborative process that should include actors to help read the parts out loud and assess their own interpretations.”

And that’s just what happened.  Director and Writer Filip Terlecki agreed that this was an important step in the process. “We got a lot of great feedback and we thank all who participated.”

Many thanks to the Bedford Academy for hosting the reading and taking good care of our crew. Please follow them on twitter @bedfordacademy1

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